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The jewel of East African safari going, Kenya encompasses lion-dotted, cheetah-spotted parks in the midst of the Rift Valley. Scale Mount Kenya or hit the cities with a tourHQ guide.

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The Masai Mara is regarded as the jewel of Kenya's wildlife viewing areas because of its high concentration of all kinds of animal species including big-five and Wildebeest Migration.


Lake Nakuru

A sanctuary of the Black and White Rhinos as well as Rothschild’s Giraffes, Lake Nakuru National Park will leave you throbbing for more.


Masai Mara Game Reserve

Nowhere else in the world will you experience the cycle of life more real than the Mara. Here, the dramatic contrast between life and death is astonishingly electrifying. It’s a life of ...


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Exclusive Kenya Safaris Destinations

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8th Wonder of The World Migration

The Mara is one of the best known and most iconic safari areas in Africa. It is an absolutely beautiful area, with a great climate and is extremely rich in wildlife, most notably the migration herds ...


Wildebeest Migration Safari

The Migration is a natural cycle that replenishes and renews the grasslands of East Africa. Each June, around 1.3 million Wildebeest gather in the Serengeti to calve. They slowly mass into a huge ...


Between the rugged glacial peaks of soaring Mount Kenya and the rolling plains of the verdant Rift Valley, visitors flock to this nation on the panhandle of East Africa to ride rickety matatu buses through the dusty safari tracks, engross themselves in traditional tribal culture, explore some of the most burgeoning metropolises on the continent, recline on the coral-white beaches, cool off in the Indian Ocean, or spy out roaming elephant, roaring lions or laughing hyena amidst the wilds.
If like many, you’re heading here on safari, then be sure to get the low down from your Kenya tour guide on the veritable cascade of various game reserves and national parks that pepper the backcountry here; from the much-trodden expanses of Masai Mara, to the more off-the-beaten-track spots at Kisumu Impala and Buffalo Springs.
If, instead, you’ve come for a dose of culture East Africa style, then why not head to the lakeside districts of Kisumu, the sprawling Hindu temple complexes and ancient ports of Mombasa, or the bustling café quarters of seething, ever-expanding Nairobi.

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