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About tourHQ

Looking to get the best out of your holiday? Let us help by getting you a great guide; someone who will help you navigate local language and culture barriers, show you hidden gems and tell you stories that only a local would know!

TourHQ is an online platform that connects travellers with tourism service providers. Guides and tour companies register their profiles here, providing detailed information about themselves, their skills, services and experiences. Travellers who visit tourHQ can chose from amongst thousands of these guides and tourism providers, to find the one most suited to their requirements.They can directly interact with their guides to seek travel advice and customise their itineraries, hence enjoying their trip on their own terms. By engaging locals, travellers more so help support the local communities in the areas they visit.

With over 27,500 guides, in over 5,000 locations from 208 countries globally, tourHQ is today one of the largest and widest communities of guides in the world, providing travellers with a vast selection of guides in even the most remote areas of the world. Whether it’s a city guide, safari guide, scuba diving instructor or even a cruise ship shore excursion guide, you will find the right one on tourHQ!


I have no hesitation in recommending tourHQ. They helped me locate a great guide who helped plan the trip. I make sure to use them for all my holidaysright-headquote

Victor Mendes, Bangalore

We found Daniel from TourHQ. I senthim a mail and got a fast response with a great tour package that included &excluded hotels. He did a great job for us.right-headquote

Marco Ciccolini, Rome

I was organising a trip on my own to Albania and wanted a reliable& friendly guide. The best guides were recommended on TourHQ and I can only say good things. From beginning to end Adam was extremely helpful ...right-headquote

Chris Watson, New Jersey