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Travel Tips for Kenya Safaris

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A Few Tips you should Know when you Plan to Visit Kenya for Safaris

Have you chosen Kenya as you holiday destination this year and you are now planning on that safari that you have always wanted? Well, Kenya has a lot to offer when it comes to safaris and you can almost be certain that you are going to have a lot of fun coupled with adventure in the wild. Your decision to visit Kenya means that you need to get prepared for the unknown especially if it is you first time in Kenya or even your first time to visit Africa.

Africa is a very beautiful place to be and Kenya offers holiday seekers one of the best destinations in Africa to go on Safaris. There are very many locations in Kenya that are unique by all means and ideal for tourists to visit for safaris.

What you need to know when you Visit Kenya

There is a lot that you need to learn before you visit Kenya so that your safari in Kenya becomes a total success. The only problem you will have is to let go when the time to say goodbye comes. Below we explore all the important tips that tourists must know when they visit Kenya.

1 The Weather in Kenya

Generally, Kenya is a tropical country and therefore enjoys higher temperatures than many countries in Europe. The temperatures cannot go to extreme lows and therefore making it ideal for safaris. The rainy season is around April to mid may and this is when the temperatures are at their lowest. However, it depends on what part of the country you choose to go. Some are dry throughout the year while others always enjoy high temperatures throughout the year.

2 Accommodation in Kenya

There are very many hotels, safari camps and lodges in Kenya. Depending on what part you are planning to travel to, you can easily book accommodation facilities in the area. The accommodation facilities rates are different across the country and therefore it is important that you talk to your tour operator to ensure you get the best accommodation facility that will ensure comfort all through the period of your safari in Kenya.

3 Food during your Visit to Kenya

Kenya is an agricultural country and therefore you should expect to eat sumptuous organic foods and fruits during you visit to Kenya. The chefs in hotels in Kenya are competent in preparation of a range of both local and foreign dishes. Wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages are also available in the accommodation facilities that you choose to stay in. You can readily access these in malls and supermarkets across the country. There is also bottled water that you really need especially during safaris and other adventure activities.

4 Your Health While in Kenya

When on safaris, hotels and other accommodation facilities usually take health issues very seriously therefore maintain high standards on all matters health. Malaria is the main concern but it is only prevalent in the coastal areas and other areas with high temperatures. In case you fall sick there are various hospitals around the country that you can get good medical attention but it is important to ensure health issues don’t get in the way of your safari in Kenya.

5 Currency during you Kenya Visit

Many hotels, safari camps and lodges in Kenya will gladly accept major foreign currency but it is important that you convert some cash into the local currency to use it for different purposes.

6 Safari Attire

You are free to wear anything you please during your safari but it is important that you learn about the ideal safari attire so that you are comfortable during your safari.

These are among the few tips you need to know when you visit Kenya for safaris and your stay here will be memorable and simply awesome

Safety in the bush:

1. Always listen to your guide.
2. Zip up your tent and never take food into it.
3. When out on a game drive remember that animals are used to vehicles; but don’t be noisy or make sudden movements.
4. Stay inside the vehicle (ask your driver or guide if you need to make a “bush stop”).
5. Don’t sit on the roof. It’s not cool – it’s stupid.
6. Watch out for thorns and overhanging branches when driving.
7. If you’re on foot, don’t run. Only prey animals run!
8. Don’t mess with baboons.
9. Obey the safety rules in your camp or lodge.
10. Don’t walk around at night and make sure you are escorted back to your tent or room after dinner