This is the first time I am using tourHQ.  I asked for a proposal for a guide in Sri Lanka for our trip.  Based on Sarath's initial proposal, I requested him to provide the transportation himself.

It turns out that though Sarath has listed himself as a tour guide, he is actually a tour operator.  We were expecting Sarath himself to be available to guide us through our trip.  Instead, he sent us a driver but we had to hire our own guides at each of the location.   After we asked him about it, he paid for the guide in the last location.  However, we had to pay for two guides on our own.  The bigger issue was that we didn't get good guides and they were of average caliber.  This was disappointing.

The driver, Dhumil, was excellent.  He helped us during a hotel reservation hiccup.  I would highly recommend Dhummil and we will go on a tour with him anytime.

Regarding Sarath, you need to ensure what has been promised to avoid misunderstanding.  The tourism industry in Sri Lanka is very immature and communications are not very clear.