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With a tourHQ Online Experience, you can travel virtually to see exotic places all the world and moreover, bond with family and friends over a shared experience. You can now gift these experiences to your family and friends for Christmas or to celebrate the New Year!
Here are our new favorites (since we add new tours every day):


Keeping with the Christmas theme


From Rome Reiss image

Walk Through St Peter's Basilica

From: EUR 20 Per Screen


From Bethlehem Reiss image

Visit The Holy Sites Of Bethlehem

From: USD 30 Per Screen


From Nazareth Reiss image

Explore 'Biblical' Nazareth

From: USD 30 Per Screen


From Milan Reiss image

Discover The Secrets Of "The Last Supper"

From: EUR 30 Per Screen


Toast in the new year


From Toronto Reiss image

Make The Most Of Your Wine Experience

From: CAD 32 Per Screen


Kyoto Reiss image

Get Acquainted With Japanese Whiskies

From: JPY 10500 Per Group


From Naples Reiss image

Spice Up Your Wine, Roman Style

From: EUR 60 Per Group


From Normandy Reiss image

Have A Celebrity Bartender Host Your Private Online Party

From: EUR 69 Per Group


Let’s talk exotic locales


From Gdansk Reiss image

Walk About In Beautiful Old Town Gdansk

From: USD 65 Per Group


From Valencia Reiss image

Explore The Historical Centre Of Valencia

From: EUR 30 Per Screen


From Jaipur Reiss image

Admire The Grandiosity Of Amer Fort

From: USD 22 Per Screen


From Lijiang Reiss image

Explore The Old Town Of Lijiang

From: USD 20 Per Screen


Art connoisseurs, are we?


From Amsterdam Reiss image

Be Inspired By The Works Of Van Gogh

From: EUR 30 Per Screen


From Berlin Reiss image

Discover The Artsy Side Of Berlin

From: EUR 25 Per Screen


From Paris Reiss image

From Louvre To Street Art

From: EUR 20 Per Screen


From Bogota Reiss image

Enjoy The History And Street Art Of Bogota

From: USD 17 Per Screen

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