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Global Guide Awards 2017

World’s Top 100 Guides - 26,000 Guides, 208 Countries Represented!

tourHQ is today the largest community of guides online! The common thread amongst these tourism facilitators all is that they use their local knowledge to make travelers’ trips all the more enjoyable. After all, who wants to be just a tourist following a guidebook? It is only with a local guide that one can uncover a destination’s hidden hotspots and local food haunts, understand local customs, plan an efficient holiday itinerary and so much more! A great guide makes the difference between a holiday and a great holiday!

We would like to honor these ambassadors in the latest edition of the tourHQ Global Guide Awards 2017. Here are our top 100 guides who have excelled and received raving feedback from travelers who enjoyed a truly memorable experience through them.

In selecting our top guides in the world, we have taken a number of factors into account, the main being the reviews that travelers have provided for their guides. The entire ranking methodology is based on a proprietary algorithm that considers 50 different factors includes - reviews received, number and recency of reviews, seniority of the reviewer, quality of the guides profile, level of engagement of the guide, how they have interacted with the travelers and so on.

In the 2017 awards, we found some interesting trends:

We spoke to some of our top guides; read on to hear more about the top guides thoughts and experiences in the year that went by!