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tourHQ Global Guide Awards 2016

Global Guide Awards 2016

They act as ambassadors of their country. They help tourists understand the nuances of local culture and history. They let travelers into secrets and hidden gems that only locals know about. tourHQ celebrates these people, the guides, who help travellers get the most out of their vacation. Meet our top 100 guides of 2016 in our inaugural Global Guide Awards. They come from different parts of the world, and provide different services. They however have one theme in common; they have received extraordinary feedback from travelers, especially in relation to the difference they have made to the quality of their vacation!

In selecting our top 100 guides in the world, we have taken a number of factors into account, the main being the reviews that travelers have provided for their guides. The entire ranking methodology is based on a proprietary algorithm that takes over 50 different factors into account including the reviews received, the number and recency of reviews, the seniority of the reviewer, the quality of the guides profile, the level of engagement of the guide, how they interact with the travellers and so on.

Here are some interesting trends we noticed with these awards:

We spoke to some of our top guides, and have given excerpts from our discussions in the pages that follow. Read on to hear more about the top guides in the world!