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Anteneh Sileshi

Anteneh is a gentle, intelligent and educated young man. He's an excellent manager and pleasant companion with a natural sense of humor. He prepared a great and varied program for me during three weeks. All was very well organized.  He planned all activities in detail. 

We visited beautiful and interesting historical places, several interesting towns and a lot of natural beauties together. He even took me to visit his very old grandmother. She lives in humble conditions in the Gondar city in the north Ethiopia. She was very happy. I like her. When I wanted to get to know the lives of poor people, Anteneh took me to such places where tourists don't go. So I met very poor people and I could talk to them about their life. They were very interesting and informative meetings ... and sad too. I felt absolutely safe with Anteneh even in dangerous places. People respect him. I could relay on him in every situation.

Anteneh is an excellent tourist guide. I rate his service with the highest mark.

I will remember this trip forever. 

Thank you very much Anteneh, my friend.

One last thing: If you want to do one little good deed, feed the street kids or beggars. Thank you.