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Latest Travel Requests

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  • Atlanta
5 days

A couple going to Atlanta in Jul for 5 days.

Request by: Matt

We would like a 5 day trip in Atlanta and wish to see historic sites, museums, wildlife, hidden gems and have an overall romatic trip for me and my wife. Please suggest us a plan accordingly. Thanks

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  • Yellowstone National Park
8 days

A group of friends looking for a local experience and an experience in ...

Request by: Carol S

I am trying to put together a group to start in Rapid City SD and End in Jackson Hole or  Jackson.WY. We want to see Mt Rushmore, Badlands, Crazy Horse, Little Big Horn, Deadwood, Cody and Yellowstone.  Right now I have 4 firm passengers with several more expressing an interest..  I cannot find anyone who will take a small group in a small bus so have resigned myself to renting however many mini vans we will need to accommdate the number of people that sign up. Whatever that is. I can take care of hotels, etc.  I want us to have private tours in each park.  I'd prefer to use your vshicle assuming you have one that will accommodate  all os us together. 

I do not know if we will fit in yyour program. I really need some answers quickly even if it is no.

Thank you

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  • New York
1 day

A group of friends going to New York in Jun for 1 day.

Request by: Sonia D

Dzień dobry,

Otrzymałam kontakt do Pani od firmy Rockwell, która była bardzo zadowolona z Pani usług. Aktualnie szukam przewodnika po NY dla grupy składającej się z 6 osób. Planujemy zwiedzać miasto 8 czerwca i potrzebujemy osoby, z którą będziemy mogli stworzyć napięty plan zwiedzać.

Czy mogłabymi Pani również powiedzieć jak wyglądają koszta dla takiej grupy?

  • Rapid City
10 days

A group of friends going to Rapid City in Sep for 10 days.

Request by: Carol S

Itinerary I am looking for isw Rapid City - My Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Badlands

Deadwood or Sheridan - Deadwood (at least a stop), Little big Horn

Cody - Western town and any thing you think is good

Yellowstone Park - 

Jackson/Jackson Hole

No air is necessary unless you can handle ethat we are coming from Las Vegas, Texas and possible other locations

Optional tours - white water/float rafting; horse back riiiiding

Our dates are flexible.  I have 4 - 6 confirmed Several other couples interested - you know how that goes. But I need soemthing to market to them. I will be traveling with them . If we can find a guide to go with us great. Otherwise we can meet a guide at each park or stop. 

  • New Orleans
1 day

A family going to New Orleans in May for 1 day.

Request by: Luc Eric

Hi,I am seeking the services of a tour guild as I hope to visit New Orleans.I will be visiting with my wife,Let me know sites we can visit and anything you know would be needed apart from Transportation and hotel accomudation. 

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  • San Francisco
1 day

Full day tour for a group of friends traveling to San Francisco in May

Request by: Linda

We need a car and a drver to take us to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francsico city

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  • Boston
8 days

A couple going to Boston in Jun for 8 days.

Request by: Wendy

I am needing help with itinerary in Boston. We want to go to Martha`s Vineyard one day and I know there are a lot of logistics that are required for that. I need someone that can tell me that best things to see and do and then help me get everything set up. Do you do this?

We arrive late Monday and leave mid day on June 17.

We are staying in Norwood and are renting a car. 

  • Fort Lauderdale
1 day

A group of friends going to Fort Lauderdale in May for 1 day.

Request by: Larry

Hello, My name is Larry. I am a 77-year-old retired superior court judge from San Diego California. On May 22, I am flying into Ft. Lauderdale to visit my life long Army friend Rex for just a few days. We would like a tour guide around the Ft. Lauderdale metropolitan area. Happy to pay any reasonable fee especially if you drive. Most interested in any ancient history. Presently looking at Friday, May 24thRex is a life long Floridian so we are looking for stuff he probably does not know about. Interested in anything more ancient history, pre-Spanish eraYou can also join us for lunch!

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