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Latest Travel Requests

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  • Yosemite National Park
1 day

A big group of travellers going to Yosemite National Park in May for 1 ...

Request by: Eileen

We have a motorcoach group traveling from MN, along the West Cast and plan to visit Yosemite Valley on May 2, 2019.  We are looking for a step on guide that could meet us near the west gate on Hwy 120 and spend about 4 hours with out group seeing the highlights.  The group will be mostly seniors, but should be able to walk short distances. No hiking or climbing for this group, though.

Please let me know if you could be of assistance.

THank you,


  • San Francisco
1 day

A big group of travellers going to San Francisco in May for 1 day.

Request by: Eileen

We are looking for a step-on guide for our motorcoach group on May 1, 2019.  We are planning to stay on FIshermans Wharf the previous night, although still waiting for confirmation on our hotel.

We have our own motorcoach and this is an infinity group, so the exact number has not been determined. Estimated number is 40-45.

Tour prefernces include crossing the Golden Gate, and other highlights that are within reach for our short 3 to 3 1/2 hour time frame. We could start as early at 8 or 9 am, whatever your schedule allows. A cable car ride would also be great. 

THe group consists of seniors, but most should be able to walk a bit as we understand theat San Francisco is a walking city. 

Thank you,


  • New York
1 day

Full day tour for a group of friends traveling to New York in Feb

Request by: Juan S

Looking for a guide for an educational trip. The guide must manage english and spanish and need to have a good historical background on the area.

  • Denver
4 days

A big group of travellers going to Denver in Aug for 4 days.

Request by: joji

Hi Our church is organising a trip in Aug 2019  for  4 days  to see denver and importance  places in Colorado.   We need  hotel for 4 nights and a private bus and a tour guide 

we are from dallas Texas

Additional Services Requested

  • Boston
1 day

Full day tour for a couple traveling to Boston in Sep

Request by: mark

Hi We are a Group of 4 adults arriving by Cruise Ship (Celebrity Summit) docked from 7am until 6pm. Looking for Tour including all the sites possible in 1 Day! Freedom Trail..(Paul Revere Home, Burial Site, Bunker Hill, USS Constitution,etc) Concord & Lexington, A nice local Lunch and a bit of shopping along the way.

Additional Services Requested

  • Orlando
21 days

A couple going to Orlando in Dec for 21 days.

Request by: Martin O

I would love to take my wife on a tour through  to Disneyland,  Miami Beach, and the Holy Land 

  • Clearwater
3 days

A couple going to Clearwater in Nov for 3 days.

Request by: Alex S

Looking for a guide to take family around the Clearwater area when they visit in November.  They just need a person for 1 day duing the time tha they are herer. Let me know what you can put together and I will let them know. Thank you, Alex

  • Route 66
8 days

A big group of travellers going to Route 66 in Mar for 8 days.

Request by: Doug

I have a group of  35 couples going on route 66 in our own vintage cars.  We are only doing the western part from Santa Monica to Flagstaff and then going north to visit south rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion and Death Valley.  We have made our hotel reservations and our dining reservations. We are looking for someone to give us interesting facts and travel along with us for seven days. We’re starting on March 30 and ending April 7 in death Valley. Please let me know of your availability and cost for your service. Thank you, Doug Weitman

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