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Latest Travel Requests

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  • Charleston (South Carolina)
5 days

A couple going to Charleston (South Carolina) in May for 5 days.

Request by: Jane

My husband and I are arriving May 1st around 1PM.  Ideally we would like to take a walking tour with you on Tues. morning May 2nd.  We love history, gardens and architecture.   We are visiting Charleston for the first time and hope to have an overview.  We are excellent walkers.

  • Richmond (Virginia)
3 days

A group of friends going to Richmond (Virginia) in Apr for 3 days.

Request by: Michael F

Interested in touring historic sites and getting info from guide. We will be in Richmond from 4-28 to 4-30 and we will have our own transportation.

  • Orlando
4 days

A family going to Orlando in May for 4 days.

Request by: K.R.

We are a family of4/5 adults and 3/4 children (7,7,5,2) from India visiting the US.While there we will be based in Naples,Fl.We need a guide to show us around  Orlando esp Disney World and Universal Studios.We plan to spend three days in Orlando and do not mind joining a similar group.Our dates are flexible

  • Washington D.C.
1 day

A big group of travellers going to Washington D.C. in May for 2 days.

Request by: Betty

Need a tour guide to get on our Motor Coach to conduct a tour of the African American Heritage tour;.  We have a 56 passenger motor coach and would like to see some of DC as mentioned and also the White House, Capitol Hill etc. 

  • Reno
1 day

A group of friends going to Reno in May for 1 day.

Request by: Harpreet

hi planning to be in the RENO areas in May

will be 5 to 6 rods 

hoping to get a days fly fishing trip on the streams and not lake

wanted to check what to expect, quality and quantitiy, costs, rod and reel and wader rental etc 

let me know how to get in touch to discuss further 


Harpreet Duggal

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