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Latest Travel Requests

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  • New York
1 day

A big group of travellers going to New York in Apr for 2 days.

Request by: Mark


I am a touroperator and I have a group of international visitors and some of them only speak Slowak. So they asked me to find a Slowak speaking guise.

Can you help me with the folowing:

;Apr 20  arrival at EWR at 1pm

Apr 21  9am-1pm   and maybe 6pm-10pm

Let me know if you can help.

I look forward to hear from you.

Mark Krijnse Locker

Inspire Incentives Inc

Huntington NY  11743

xxxx xxxx

  • Philadelphia
1 day

A big group of travellers going to Philadelphia in Oct for 1 day.

Request by: Kate



I am emailing you from , a wholesale tour operator basedin York, England. We specialise in providing bespoke package tours anditineraries to clients throughout the world.


Please find below details of a group that we havetravelling soon that we require a guiding service for.


Reference number: TGC0158583

Service required: 2 hour local guide for walking tour of Philadelphia

Date: Monday 22nd October from 14:30pm

Number of passengers: 31

Who are the group: 28 students and 3 adults


I look forward to receiving details of your best proposalas soon as possible.


Kind regards,


Kate Kragiopoulos

  • Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park
1 day

A solo traveller going to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park in ...

Request by: Darrell

I am interested in a full day hiking and tour of the highlights of Joshua Tree National Park. I can meet with the guide at a location that is recommended by the guide. I am flexible in the date of this tour as I will be in Palm Springs between March 29 and April 2, 2018.

  • Miami
1 day

A couple going to Miami in Apr for 2 days.

Request by: Klaus


We are a coupple in our 50´s (no phisical limitation) staying after a relaxing Caribbean cruise for 3 days in Miami before going back to Europe. It`s our first time in Florida and we would like to see the highlights from Miami and sourroundings.

  • Santa Fe
5 days

A couple going to Santa Fe in Jun for 5 days.

Request by: Janice

We are a couple from Melbourne, Australia.  We will be in USA from 29 May 2018 until late June.  

We are flying into Houston and spending three nights there and then on to Dallas for three nights.  We will then fly to Albuquerque arriving on 4 June 2018.   We need a guide to take us around in Santa Fe and also Ghost Ranch where we would like to stay one night.

As we prefer not to drive ourselves so we will also need a driver.  Could you put a tour together with suggestions for us.  I am very interested in visiting all the sites of Georgia O'Keefe and other artists who have worked in your area.

Our dates are 4 June 2018 to 8 June 2018. That is four nights.


Janice and John Carpenter

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