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Latest Travel Requests

Browse through the travel requests posted by other travellers. Start planning your trip now!

  • New Orleans
1 day

A family looking for a local experience and a relaxing holiday

Request by: Nancy

Friday March 29. Around 10am. Can join a group. Flexible in itinerary since we don’t know the best things to see. We’ll be at Marriott courtyard iberville.  Is that walkable to your site?

  • Chicago
5 days

A group of friends going to Chicago in May for 5 days.

Request by: Taylor


We are 2 aduts and we require a guide.

Following is our itinerary:

1. 19th May

- 11:00am - St. Julian Winery-Union Pier

- 1:00pm - Hickory Creek Winery 

- 2:00pm - Silver Beach County Park

2. 20th May

- 10:00am - Museum of Science and Industry

- 1:30pm - Chicago Cultural Center

- 3:00pm - The Magnificent Mile

3. 21st May

- 11:30am - August Hill Winery & Illinois Sparkling Co. Tasting Room

- 1:30pm - Starved Rock State Park

4. 22nd May

- 11:00am - Tom`s Farm Market and Greenhouse

- 1:00pm - Geneva Lake Shore Path

- 4:00pm - Historic Steppingstone

5. 23rd May

- 11:00am - Barker Mansion

- 1:00pm - Cowles Bog

- 4:30pm - Chicago River 

We require transportation services.

Additional Services Requested

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
8 days

A big group of travellers going to Wyoming and Jackson Hole in Jul for 8 ...

Request by: bri

koval family reunion

your travel dates are july 20 through july 27, 2019 with everyone arriving on july 20 except youand your daughter will likely arrive on july 22.

 hotel accommodations have been made at the springhill suites (150 w simpson avenue)

 you do not need assistance with booking airfare.

 there are 15 of you including ed and his wife, his three sons and spouses plus grandchildren.age range is 8 to 90.  

 dinner reservations will be made for 7pm, unless excursions dictate earlier or later time.

 excursions ideally will be arranged for 9:30am start unless earlier start is recommended due todrive time and excursion like yellowstone they expect to leave earlier to max day

 private drive with transportation is needed for excursions as well as dinners (except when eatingwith vicinity of hotel), i.e.,

 they want driver at their disposal

 one rental car (suv) will be arranged to help with running errands etc.desired activities:

 stargazing excursion with guide

 tea for girls, while guys do short local fishing adventure … would like to do some unique thingsaround this, maybe special gift for each kiddo related to activity

 kayaking in calm waters no more than 2 hours, where each senior (ed and gloria would have aguide kayaking with them doing most of the work lol)

 fly fishing excursion with high quality picnic lunches arranged with beverages (waiting onpreferred list of beverages)

 luge

 hikes arranged with guide where there will be together and then part of the group with exploremore challenging portion of hike with picnic lunches or stop for lunch afterwards

 full day in yellowstone with picnic lunch arranged with beverages (waiting on preferred list o[sensitive content]everages) with dinner arrange upon return

 van should be equipped with waters, snacks and other preferences to be determined

 organize all lunches and dinners with reservations

 zip lining and ropes climbing

 jim, david, devon and brenna would like to go shooting

 grand teton

 scavenger hunt while hiking or where best to organize ….jennifer loves this idea!!!

they want very active, organized day.for example, this is their definition of a leisure day:breakfast, pick up at 9:30 am, morning activity, an organized lunch, a little leisure back at the hoteland then onto dinner. 

they want full days as much as possible

Additional Services Requested

  • Fayetteville (Arkansas)
1 day

Half day tour for a big group of travellers traveling to Fayetteville ...

Request by: Maryanne

We would like a morning Bus tour that takes us that picks us up at the Chancellor Hotel - (between 8:00 -8:30 a.m. We would like a historic and cultural view of the city driving us past points of interest and key buildings and historic houses.   We would like to be dropped off at the Farmers Market between 12;30 -1:00 in the afternoon where we can have lunch.  We would also like to have the coach take us back to the hotel around 3:00 p.m.

Additional Services Requested

  • San Diego
3 days

A big group of travellers going to San Diego in May for 3 days.

Request by: Marija

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in tour guide for San Diego.

Dates: 17. Or 18. Or 19. May

Group of 13pax

Please inform us about amount for full day tour guide. Taxes included.

If you also have an offer with guided tour in mini van, we would really appreciate it.

Looking forward hearing from you !!!


Additional Services Requested

  • Seattle
1 day

A group of friends going to Seattle in Jul for 1 day.

Request by: Dell

Hi,We are 2 people and we require a guide.

Following is the itinerary:

- 1:30pm - Saint James Cathedral

- 3:00pm - Chihuly Garden and Glass

- 4:30pm - Space Needle

We do not require transportation services.

  • Joshua Tree National Park
1 day

A group of friends going to Joshua Tree National Park in Jul for 1 day.

Request by: Michelle

Need to speak to Guides-questions about travel, etc.  Want to visit Joshua Tree National Park.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park
1 day

A family going to Bryce Canyon National Park in Jul for 2 days.

Request by: David

Knowledge of Bryce, Arches, NP, One day hiking tours with my wife and three daughters, 6-8 hrs long

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