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elahe Talebi

Me and my wife had a great trip around iran major cities and fortunately we hired elahi talibi as a tour guide. She was honestly amazing, showed us all the monuments that I know and I didn't . She most of the time stay with us until the night and explain all the important attraction of the cities. I really like spending my time with elahi and her husband Mohammad who is really kind and easy going person. Secondly when ever I want to take a picture of myself she was always available and never get tired . Finally we experienced  the best Persian food thanks to where she was very precisely in choosing the resturants. I will always recommend her for all my friends and family cause I know will not disappoint  me .


Hamdi Ahmed

To be honest, hamdi Ahmed is the best experience you can get while visiting Tunisia, certainly I will recommend him for my friend and family, we completed all the monuments and attractions for our visit, we even went to more cities and places while we have the time, he is friendly and punctual in time. He is knowledgeable and informative and when you ask him for anything he will be positive.. for sure I will recommend hamdi