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Jordan Artist Tours

This was my Wife and my first trip to a Muslim country. Whenever we go to a place where we've never been before and where the culture is quite different, finding a good tour arranger can make all the difference. The folks at Joradn Artist Tours did exactly what we asked in terms of arranging a package that suited our particular needs. We got what we wanted at a price that we considered very reasonable. They even made adjustments to the tour at the last minute to account for some unexpected events. The facilitator/driver they arranged, Ashraf, was exceedingly punctual and did all the little things that made the trip easier. We always had the feeling he was looking out for us. I would not hesitate to recommend Jordan Artist Tours to someone who was looking to take advantage of the wonders of Jordan but felt intimidated by trying to organize something on their own.


Ioannis Manoloudis

We made use of Ioannis for four days. We desired to see a good bit of the Pelopponese but didn't want to do our own driving. Working with him, we settled on Kalamata as a base and did a number of day trips. We were extremely pleased because Ioannis really listed to us. We (for the most part) stayed away from the tour bus laden 'A-List' sites yet saw places that wowed us. He listed to our need to have time to wander and do photography. And his historical knowledge and presentations at the places we visited were far beyond any guide we've used before.


Sezgin Demirci

We put out a request for a guide who could not just take us places but could organize our whole week in Western Anatolia. Sezgin owns a boutique hotel, the Ephesus Lodge Hotel and he provided us with exactly what we were looking for in terms of the services desired. But this doesn not express the extent to which Sezgin, his hotel staff, and his cheif guide Ishik made our stay memorable. He was very flexible with us during the planning process. Ishik is very knowledgeable and brought to our attention and in response to our questions aspects of Turkey and Turkish culture that we might not have gotten from someone who is more packaged in their approach.  When we had a couple of things we were not happy with, the entire team moved to adjust and make sure those were taken care of...that's what you look for in a superior service provider...the ability to respond and accommodate. 

If you are looking to explore this fascinating and diverse area of Turkey and are looking for guides who have the ability to adjust, respond, be flexible and have great knowledge, I strongly recommend them.


Carlos García Buenrostro

Our experience with Carlos was excellent. We went to the ancient ruins at Guachinonones. He fully understood some of our mobility limitations and arranged things so we could see the site within our capabiities. Of special note, there was a short but steep climb required to get the best possible view and photo opportuntiy. Carlos assisted my wife in such a detailed and caring fashion, telling her just where to step and how to step to ensure she could make the climb and descent and providing assistance where necessary. I have never seen such detailed care from a guide before. In addition to listening to us and our needs, this alone would put him in a special class in my book.


Felipe Gonzalez

Although it was an awkward process reaching Wij in Cuba Tours through this site, it has proved well worthwhile. They were very responsive to our needs to modify their normal schedule based on our age related capabilities and interests. Everything set in the schedule went as planned. But much more important in our eyes was the quality of our guide


He was amazing. His knowledge of history, nature, geography were better than any guide we've had. His willingness to engage us in deep conversation (and not so deep lol at times) to give us as good a feel for Cuba as we could hope for fulfilled our deepest desires. He gave us a view into the country that not many would get. Yet he also made sure we did some of the tourist things (convertible car tour, cigar and rum tasting) that we probably would not have done and turned out to be quite enjoyable.

It is easy now to come to Cuba and hit all the superficial tourist things. It is much harder to get off the beaten track and experience how the country really works. With  aWij in Cuba extended driving tour, you get to do both.