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Windows of Jordan

To fellow travelers I wish to pass on to you in my own words my recent experience with having contacted Sami at Windows Of Jordan to assist me in a less than 24 hours notice of a 6 day/night window to visit Jordan (via entrance and exit from Israel). Sami replied to my email inquiry about assistance in setting up an itinerary for my last minute sojourn into Jordan, in less than 10 minutes! I immediately called him and he gave me guidance on how to best clarify what it was I was wanting to see and how to best prepare for the trip. In 90 minutes I had an itinerary and with one adjustment ( I had been to the Dead Sea previously and wanted to spend a night on the desert in Wadi Rum instead) the details and costs, personal driver and details of border crossings and costs, etc were ALL presented to me from Sami! I had never experienced such detailed and up front preparation from any travel service like I did with Sami! Because I was traveling into a completely foreign country and had my own personal apprehensions, Sami put it all to rest, literally! Aboe’ (my wonderful driver for the 6 days) met me at the border and within minutes we were chatting like old friends (his English was excellent as my Arabic was simply zilch!). For the next 6 days/nights I was in the hands (on the steering wheel) and guidance of Aboe’ throughout the incredible diverse culture, people and history of Jordan. 6 days flowed by and when it was time to shake hands and share a sincere hug to a new and dear friend, thank you Aboe!  I felt a sense of gratitude to Sami for the detailed preparation of incredible hotels, sites that were added to my short list to fill out my 6 days, restaurants and food choices, assistance with getting personal guides scheduled when needed (definitely at Petra-the guide Aboe’ scheduled for me was incredible!), allowing a true no pressure presence when I would spend hours at some sites and minutes at others! Flexible, spontaneous and professional! And a fun factor beyond measure. 

My heartfelt thanks to you Sami and Aboe, for making this experience into the land of Jordan something so much more than a vacation, it was a sojourn of new friends and an appreciation of a culture I knew nothing about.

Windows of Jordan gave life to the world I live in and by taking care of all the details I had NO clue about in a culture and country truly foreign to me. Allowing me to be fully immersed in each day with NO worries of where to stay, what to eat and how to get there. They took care of all of it so I could enjoy the land of Jordan and the priceless treasures of its people, history, food and let it come alive for me!

Happy Travels!