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bon chem

I was fortunate to have Bon as our tour guide for a 2 week trip that I planned for 12 undergraduate students and 3 faculty members. He was with us everyday while traveling across Cambodia. His English and communication skills were perfect. He has an extensive knowledge of Cambodian and American culture and was able to make comparisons of the two cultures. Bon would make suggestions based on what he thought we would like and was ALWAYS flexible and patient. For example, one day he suggested we make an unplanned stop along the road where he knew we could try fried tarantulas - thinking it would add to the experience. My students were thrilled. He was always concerned for our safety. He gave us suggestions and advice of where to go and where not to go at night. Because of Bon, our trip was rich with historical, political, architectural , religious and demographic information that we could not have learned on our own or from a book. This trip was a huge success because of Bon. I would highly recommend him. I have given his name to anyone that mentions they are thinking about going to Cambodia.