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Muluken Girma

Muluken guided us several times securely through the remote and savage parts on both sides of the Omo River. Thanks to him we were able to experience the life style of the different tribes living in this area close and like being part of their environment instead of being mere tourists. Muluken is able to make the most out of every situation and to show parts of Ethiopia and ways of Ethiopian life that are way more as can be described in whatever issue of Lonely Planet. Muluken is way on top in his experience with the local people, the handling of any situation, the gathering and selecting of equipment and staff (driver, cook - you'll name it) and he is a good bloke for conversation and fun. For every young hearted open minded globally interested traveller I can only recommend Muluken. For our next Etiopia travel we will use his services again and definitely not settle for less! Thank you Muluken for the Donga fights, the Bull jump (including the notorious whipping), the young Hamar bride, the kiss of a Mursi woman - with enormous lipplate - and all those other unforgettable experiences we were able to encounter thanks to your determination and flexibility.