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Walk Through the Highlights of Toledo

(Toledo) was the city of the three cultures Jewish, Catholic and Muslim. On this tour, we will see two former medieval synagogues in a Mudejar style. El tránsito and Santa Maria la Blanca. Then we will go to one active late gothic (plateresque) church, San Juan de Los Reyes. I will explain the history of all three of these and the different stylistic and constructive methods.

From Toledo
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 10 people
  • Real-time experience live-streamed from the streets of Toledo
  • Learn about the history and heritage of the town where Jewish, Catholic and Islamic culture converge
  • See two former medieval synagogues in a Mudejar style: El tránsito and Santa Maria la Blanca

Toledo is the site of the confluence of three cultures: Jewish, Catholic and Muslim. In this live-streamed, interactive online experience, we will see two former medieval synagogues El tránsito and Santa Maria la Blanca. We will also visit San Juan de Los Reyes, an active late gothic (plateresque) church. As we explore, I will explain to you their history and different stylistic and constructive methods.

This experience will start from El Tránsito synagogue, which was founded by Samuel ben Meir Ha-Levi Abulafia about the year 1356. We will see the main hall decorated in beautiful stucco in a Mudejar style and the arc of the Torah. Looking up, we will spot the gallery from where the women would observe the ceremonies separate from the men. Later in 1877, it was declared a national monument and was repurposed into the Sephardic Museum. We will exit the synagogue and take a glimpse at the exterior, which is rather simple and austere.

Walking along the road, head towards the next synagogue, Santa Maria La Blanca. According to an inscription on one of the pillars, it dates from 1160, making it arguably one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. Like El transitó, it was also converted into a church later. I will go over the details of this transformation during the tour. Besides, I will explain what Mujedar architecture actually is, and the materials used in construction.

After leaving the synagogue, we will head towards a Catholic church and Franciscan monastery from the 15th century. You will see a contrast from the previous synagogues, stylistically and construction-wise. Learn what the debate is about on the subject of the style of architecture of this monastery. The church was supposed to be The burial place of king Ferdinand and Queen Isabelle, but they later changed their minds.

We will end our experience here. All along our journey, I will share interesting anecdotes and stories from the past with you, which will help you develop an all-encompassing perspective on Toledo.

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  • This tour involves walking to various places, and at times the internet connection may be weak. However, we will attempt to minimize such disruptions
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Meet your Host
Anthony Jacobson

My father was from the United States, and my mother was from the scenic city of Toledo in Spain. I’ve been coming to Toledo all my life to visit family. I decided to move to Spain in 1992. After living for nine years in Madrid, in 2001 I moved to Barcelona where I worked as a licensed guide from 2009 to 2020. I moved to Toledo in September 2020. Being half Toledano, I know this city. I can explain to you about the history of cathedrals, important museums and monuments of Toledo.

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