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Visit the Birthplace of the Titanic in Belfast

Join Dr Tom Thorpe, a local historian and podcaster, to visit the former Harland and Woolf Shipyard, where the Titanic was designed, built and launched.

From Belfast
Online Experience
50 min
United Kingdom
Upto 10 people
  • Real-time walking tour around the former Harland and Woolf shipyard where the Titanic was conceived and constructed
  • Hear about the myths, legends and real history regarding the design, construction and sinking of the Titanic
  • See how the legacy of the Titanic has shaped modern-day Belfast

The White Star Line passenger liner RMS Titanic became the most famous ship in the world when, in April 1912, she hit an iceberg and sank with the loss of 1,512 people on her maiden voyage. Her tragic sinking over a century ago has fired the public imagination ever since, inspiring numerous books, songs and films. 

In this Online Experience, join me, Dr Tom Thorpe, a local historian and podcaster, to visit the former Harland and Woolf Shipyard where the Titanic was designed, built and launched.
On her launch, the Titanic was the biggest ship the world had ever seen, and her creators believed she was ‘unsinkable’. We shall see the shipyard drawing rooms where the ship was designed and consider how her design may have contributed to the disaster. We will also visit the SS Nomadic, a tender to the Titanic and the last surviving ship of the White Star line that ferried the rich and famous to the Titanic on its fateful journey.
Finally, we will stand on the giant slipway where the massive ship was constructed and where, in March 1911, it was launched to a cheering crowd of 100,000.

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Meet your Host
Dr Tom Thorpe

Dr Tom Thorpe is a published local historian, Belfast Green Badge Tour Guide candidate, and the host of two historical podcasts. Originally from London, he relocated to Northern Ireland in 2014 to get married. Since then, he has been involved in researching and promoting Northern Ireland history, working with the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and local community groups. He holds a PhD from King’s College London (UK) in history and is a Trustee of the UK Great War historical charity, the Western Front Association.

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