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Visit sites from the Apartheid Era

This tour will take you back to when the Apartheid system started in South Africa (1948). Different groups of people were separated due to being of different races. We start our tour at an area called District 6, where people of all races used to live before they were forcibly removed by the government of that time to start an era of segregation and separation of all races.

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From Cape Town
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45 min
Upto 12 people
  • Live-streamed driving tour through sights representative of the Apartheid Era in Cape Town
  • Interactive session with interesting insights by an expert guide

Step back in time to when the Apartheid system started in South Africa (1948), when different groups of people were separated based on their race. 

We started our driving tour in an area called District 6, where people of all races used to live before they were forcibly removed by the government of that time. Here, we will visit the District 6 Museum, where we will see the remaining debris of the area formally lived by this mixed-race community. 

From there, we will visit the Castle Of Good Hope, the oldest colonial building in South Africa, constructed by the Dutch settlers to protect themselves against the ships going to India and Europe as well as from the primary inhabitant of this land, the KHOE-KHOE people.

Next, stop at the parade where Nelson Mandela gave his very first democratic speech after coming out of prison on 11 February 1990. Then, they moved on to the Slave Lodge, where slaves from Malaysia, India, China, and other places were accommodated so they could work on the farm and become soldiers and other hard labourers.

Our next stop will be at the Apartheid Benches. These benches show us how a black person could not sit on the same bench as a white person when waiting for the bus. They are located at the very same place where the Apartheid laws were passed at that time.

We end our tour at a place called the BO-KAAP. In 1834 when England declared the end of slavery in all of their colonies, some ex-slaves came to live in this area which later transformed into a tourist hotspot with an array of beautiful colourful houses.

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I’m originally from Angola but I've lived in South Africa for 27 years now. I studied law through the University of South Africa but fell in love with the tourism industry and founded a tourism company called Viemma Tours to help people truly understand the rich history this country has and the diversity of culture it offers. With an accumulated experience of 20 years in the service industry, I’m absolutely confident that a tour with me will open your eyes to the reality of this beautiful country and its people.

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    Tour was interesting but kind of short. I understand that its 30 mins but not sure it it was mentioned on the website.

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