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Uncover The Hidden Gems and Marzipan Hotspots Of Lubeck

Lovely Lubeck - go back in time and marvel at highlights and the hidden gems of this North German Port, a sleeping beauty waiting to be discovered, located one hour Northeast of Hamburg.

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From Lubeck
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 10 people
English, French, German
  • Real-time experience that will take you back in time to marvel at the highlights of Lübeck
  • Visit the famous St. Mary's Church, where you may encounter a rather friendly devil!
  • See the Buddenbrook House, often visited by the Nobel prize-winning author Thomas Mann
  • Learn about the wartime history of Lubeck and how the town defied Hitler
  • Tips on Lübeck's specialities such as the Marzipan, Rotspohn red wine and more

The historic city centre of Lübeck is a UNESCO World Heritage Site once known as the Queen of medieval Merchant Cities. Famous for salt, marzipan, wood, and shipbuilding, it is also home to some of the freshest music, some top technical and medical universities, and to 3 Nobel Prizewinners. Even better, this lovely North German port is a romantic place with enchanting beautiful little narrow lanes lit up by gas lanterns, and a skyline that resembles a sea of red bricks.

We will begin our live-streamed Online Experience at the landmark Holsten city gate built in the 15th century. Making our way along the old salt market and trade port with its historic warehouses, we will see the pleasure boats and historic sailing ships in the harbour.

Next, we will explore a few slices from Lubeck's rich history, starting with learning about the rich families' lives in their merchant houses as we stroll down the cobblestoned streets around them. This tour will also take us to admire some of the courtyards where servants and poor people lived - today, they are lovingly restored idyllic homes and peaceful retreats with wonderful gardens. As we explore the turf of the rich and poor, I will tell you more about Lubeck during the Second World War: the 1942 Bomb Attack, the prisoner of war camp, and how Lubeck took in 90,000 refugees in 1945 and defied Hitler.

Then, walking past St. Peter's gothic church with its observation platform, we will make our way to admiring the sweetest part of Lubeck - the one where the famous marzipan sweets originated! After a quick visit to the Old Town Hall, we will make our way to the traditional cake shop, where we will learn more about Lubeck's rich confections. Your sweet tooth is bound to be activated as we marvel at what the Great Gourmet Marzipan showroom and Coffee Salon have to offer.
We will also pass through the Buddenbrook House: once the home of the Mann family, it is today a Museum where you can see two salons set up exactly as described in the novel for which Thomas Mann received the Nobel prize.
We will end our virtual tour at St. Mary's Church, the model for 70 other churches in the Baltic Region with its grand gothic construction. It has a wonderful organ - one of the largest in the world, once played by the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. But that's not all the church is famous for - I will tell you the story of how the devil helped to build it! You may even get to share a close encounter with the devil himself, whom one can find sitting right outside the church entrance. He loves being photographed!
Before we say our final goodbyes, I will give you some tips on how to order some of the specialities of Lubeck online, and you can enjoy them at home: sumptuous Marzipan, Rotspohn red wine, sugar-covered flower petal candies, Marzipan gin, Nougat to die for, to name but a few.

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Meet your Host
Christel Obenaus

I am a true Lubeck girl, and a German Tourist Guide Association certified guide. I have had the pleasure of showing people around Lubeck since 2010. Having travelled extensively on all continents and living abroad for 22 years, I returned to Lubeck in 2003. I do classical, culinary and themed walks around Lubeck; I slip into traditional medieval and 19th-century costume to take the visitor back in time.
I also do ghost tours at night time. I can offer day trips on pleasure boats, tours including traditional German lunch or tours around beautiful areas near Lubeck, including the seaside resort of Travemunde or the fairy-tale water castle in Schwerin, also known as the Neuschwanstein of the North.

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  • Penny Harper

    Super fun and knowledgeable! Now I want to visit Lübeck even more!

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