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Puppet theatre, pastries and Piazzas: walk through the interesting highlights of Palermo

You are invited to enjoy a visit to some of the most interesting highlights of Palermo, one of the most ancient cities of Europe. Palermo is the capital of Sicily, the biggest island in the Mediterranean, and its history is like an onion (as a famous writer wrote) in which every layer represents a different period.

From Palermo
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 10 people
  • Live, real-time experience walking through popular landmarks of Palermo
  • Learn about the Puppet’s Theatre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Admire the Church of Martorana, where history and art through the ages presents itself
  • Visit the Monumental Complex of Santa Caterina, with its baroque church cloister and incredible pastry shop

Join me for a walk to the highlights of Palermo, the capital of Sicily and one of the most ancient cities of Europe. As one famous author wrote, the history of Palermo is like an onion, wherein every layer represents a different period. In the course of this Online Experience, we will unpeel many of these, one by one.

To begin our tour, we will visit the beautiful Cathedral built in the 12th century, where we can admire Coran's Sura. Then, strolling along Cassaro street, I will tell you why Palermo is considered an open-air museum of the Second World War. Making our way down this most ancient slice of the historical centre, we will see what is hidden behind the huge doors of the aristocratic mansions, and admire the fascinating workshop of a puppeteer and the history of the Puppet’s theatre - one of the Sicilian resources included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Do you know what is one of the most popular handicrafts you can buy in Palermo? What if I tell you that there is a bloody legend behind it? Aside from such legends, I will describe to you the greedy variety of the local cuisine and its ancient origins. Such stories are best enjoyed at the Four Corners Square - the navel of the historical centre with its gorgeous decoration. Just around the corner from here, we will be able to see other city highlights too, such as Pretoria's Square and the monumental “Shame Fountain”- Let's see if you can guess the real reason for its name!
On the next leg of our tour, we will visit the Piazza Bellini and see the Church of Martorana, a real manifesto of architectural and historical changes - I usually describe it as a sort of “time machine” in which to travel through art and history across the ages. Close to the church is an ancient coffee roaster, from where the smell of South Italy's best coffee wafts out into the rest of the city. You may not be able to take in the aroma, but you will appreciate the sight of this ancient enterprise nonetheless!

Finally, we will stroll through the Monumental Complex of Santa Caterina. Inside the ancient convent is a pastry shop that was once managed by the nuns - and they became skilled pastry chefs over the years! We will take a look at the variety of beautiful products made in the pastry shop, before we move on to the astonishing baroque church of Santa Caterina to say our final goodbyes.
I hope you enjoy this tour of Palermo, and look forward to unveiling its secrets for you very soon.

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Meet your Host
Rachele Fiorelli

I am a licensed tour guide of Sicily. I come from Palermo, and this is where most of my tours take place.
Before becoming a tour guide, I studied art history and graduated with honours. My passion for art, but above all for my city, has led me to undertake guiding with enthusiasm, which is much more than a job to me. Follow my tours to discover the beauty of Palermo!

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