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Meet the Samaritans and learn about their history on Mount Gerizim

The Samaritans are a small, ancient tribe living on Mount Gerizim in the middle of the Holy Land; many people know the expression “Good Samaritan” that comes from the Bible story. Still, most people don't know that the Samaritans were actually once a nation. They trace themselves back to ancient Israelites over 3650 years ago. Thousands of tourists from around the world come to meet the Samaritans and learn about their history and traditions on Mount Gerizim.

From Nablus
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 10 people
  • Admire virtually the beauty of the Samaritan synagogue 
  • Explore the famous Passover ceremonial site 
  • We'll explore the beautiful Samaritan synagogue, the Samaritan village, the Passover ceremonial site, and the Archeological site, which contains many historical ruins and sees amazing panoramic views from the top too.
  • Not many people know about the Samaritan culture, and we want to change that because we believe it is a unique story here in the middle east. Since the Samaritans are the only holders of both Israeli and Palestinian Nationalities, I can easily go between the two countries to bring you closer to the heart of this gem known as the Holy Land.
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Meet your Host
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Abood Cohen lives on Mount Gerizim in Nablus, in a small village where the oldest Israelite sect lives, the Samaritans, or "Shomronim" in Hebrew, as a Samaritan who has not one but two IDs (Palestinian and Israeli). He grew up between the two nations witnessing and learning a lot and loves to share his stories about his life as a Samaritan in the Holy Land as a tour guide since 2009. He can show you around the beautiful mountain, take you to the breathtaking Samaritan Museum, and maybe (if you're lucky) have a chance to meet the high priest of the Samaritans (my grandfather) and basically show you around!

Yoel Silver, hailing originally from the states, brings a very unique experience to his tours. When he jumps into a tour he makes sure he knows the ins and outs and the aspects that the average guide is not going to even consider. Yoel seeks to show his customers both the typical aspects of a location, but also the behind-the-scenes type of action that sometimes even a local might overlook!

From USD 100 / Group
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