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Marvel at the Attractions of Istanbul's Old City

This is the tour of the old city of Istanbul. We are going to see the Hippodrome of the Constantinople, Egyptian Obelisque in the Hippodrome, Serpent column, Column of Constantinople, Blue Mosque, Hürrem Sultan Bathhouse, Tomb of Sultan Ahmet 1, Old madrasa, and Hagia Sophia from outside

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From Istanbul
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 10 people
  • Real-time walking tour streamed live from the Old City of Istanbul
  • See popular attractions like the Column of Constantinople, Blue Mosque, and the iconic Hagia Sophia
  • Enjoy a highly interactive session and learn about the history of Istanbul and its treasures with your knowledgeable and charismatic local guide

Come join me for this interactive Online Experience, and together we will make our way around some of the most important monuments in Istanbul's Old city in real-time.

We will start our virtual tour at the German Fountain, a gift from German King Kaiser Wilhelm the second to Ottomans in 1902. I will show you the Hippodrome of Constantinople, which was used for chariot races by Romans. Then, we move on to the 3500-year-old Theodosion Obelisque, which was taken from Egypt by Romans, and proceed to its 2,500 years old Spina (as the monument in the middle of Hippodrome dividing it into two trackways is called). The Serpentine Column is another masterpiece that was taken from Greece by the Romans, and we will also get a chance to see it up close.

We will also see the Column of Constantine from the 10th century and then head to the 400 year old Blue Mosque, an Imperial Mosque. Not far away from the Blue Mosque is the Tomb of Sultanahmet and Madrasa of Blue Mosque. We will then proceed towards the 500 years old Bath House of Hürrem Sultan and conclude our tour at the marvellous Hagia Sophia. This 1500 year old monument used to be one of the biggest cathedrals in the world; today it functions as a mosque. 

I am sure this tour will amaze you and leave you with lasting memories. I look forward to seeing you soon!

About this experience
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  • The instructions to join the meeting will be sent via email shortly after the booking
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  • Please sign in on the zoom app five minutes prior to the scheduled time
  • Since this tour involves travelling to various places, at times the internet connection may be weak. However, we will attempt to minimize such disruptions
  • You can book this tour for 142 USD and invite up to 10 friends and family to join this activity with you from all over the world. You will see the option to book this experience as a private tour on the checkout page if it is available for that time slot
  • Since these are live tours, they may be subject to last minute cancellation due to inclement weather, Internet disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.
Meet your Host

I'm a professional, licensed tour guide. I have been giving tours since the last 6 years! I did a bachelors in Tour guiding from the Tourism Department of Ege Universiy and took online classes from Yale University and Khan Academy on Art, History, History of Architecture, Archeology, and Religions of the world. All in all, I am ready to receive you in Istanbul! 

Tour Reviews

    This virtual tour was my birthday gift to my husband, it was a great experience and we loved it!!
    Abdullah is a very good guide, funny, interesting and very well informed.
    I surely recommend it

  • Sharon Cook

    This was a most enjoyable experience! Abdullah was informative and humorous which is a great combination. Communication was easy and the the tour was extremely interactive. It was lovely to see some of Istanbul in real time and hopefully one day we can see it in person. Thank you Abdullah and TourHQ!

  • Srividhya

    Very nice, the guide was very good. great virtual tour experience :-)

  • Amit

    Thanks. It was really fun to see the laptop without a wish to take a break

  • Bhavya

    Thank you for the wonderful experience.

  • ayesha khan

    We had a grand time! We were treated to history, architectural details, cultural nuances and a feel for the interconnected nature of the Ottoman Empire. The guide was well informed and was able to answer our questions well. Has convinced us that we need to visit in person soon and check out other Tourhq destinations!

From USD 142 / Group
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  • Fully refundable in case of any cancellation upto 2 days before the tour.