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Learn About The Rise And Fall Of Nazi Germany In Berlin

Explore the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in Berlin and discover the events that catapulted Hitler to power. Visit the landmarks and buildings that bear witness to WW2 history in the German capital.

From Berlin
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 6 people
English, Spanish
  • Real-time experience streamed live from the city of Berlin
  • Visit important landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and the Tiergarten Park
  • Dig out secrets at the site of Hitler's bunker
  • Visit the memorials to Holocaust victims and learn about the Third Reich

Take this one-hour, live-streamed virtual tour to explore the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in Berlin and discover the events that catapulted Hitler to power. Visit the landmarks and buildings that bear witness to WW2 history in the German capital.
In this Online Experience, we will walk around Mitte, the oldest part of Berlin, tracing the steps of tyranny and war in the the1930s and 40s. We will start at the Brandenburg Gate, a beautiful and grandiose Prussian monument that served as a backdrop for Nazi marches and parades. Moving on, we will go to the Reichstag, the German national parliament, the building where the Nazi party seized power, and the symbol of Soviet victory over the city. From there, we will make our way to the verdant Tiergarten, a park of remembrance that contains many memorials to the regime's victims and to the brave people who stood up against it. This walk will lead us to the breathtaking Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a massive wound in the heart of Berlin that reminds us of the 6 million Jewish men, women and children that the Nazis murdered. We will walk through the memorial and let its abstract and unconventional design speak to us.

After that journey, we will near the end of the war by visiting the site of Hitler's bunker, the very place where Adolf Hitler spent the last months of his life, and we will (quite literally) dig out some very well-kept secrets. Our journey will end at the former Propaganda Ministry, from where Joseph Goebbels fueled the flames of hatred, pulling the strings of German identity and beliefs like a puppet master.
Only one hour, but a lifetime of events to explore, and with my personal guarantee that you will definitely be a Third Reich expert by the end of this tour!

About this experience
  • Please have a good internet connection and Zoom app installed on your phone or laptop
  • The instructions to join the meeting will be sent via email shortly after the booking
Know before you go
  • Please sign in to the Zoom app five minutes prior to the beginning of the experience
  • This tour involves travelling to various places, at times the internet connection may be weak. However, we will attempt to minimize such disruptions (only for outdoor tours)
  • You can book this tour either for 30 EUR per screen OR as a private session for 80 EUR for up to 6 screens joining this activity with you from all over the world. You will see the option to book this experience as a private tour on the checkout page if it is available for that time slot
  • Since these are live tours, they may be subject to last minute cancellation due to inclement weather, Internet disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.
Meet your Host
Daniel Punzón

I am a Berlin-based historian and tour guide specialising in the complex, troubling and fascinating history of Nazi Germany. I have been conducting tours in Berlin for five years now, both in the historical city center and Berlin's Jewish Quarter. I have met with Holocaust survivors. I also host a podcast about the Third Reich, dedicating my professional life to memory and remembrance.

From USD 37 / Screen
Important Information
  • Fully refundable in case of any cancellation upto 2 days before the tour.