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Explore Ushuaia, the Southernmost City in the World

Join me to explore Ushuaia, claimed to be the southernmost city in the world and considered by many as the gate to Antarctica. In the native language, Ushuaia means 'the bay to the west or the sunset.'

From Ushuaia
Online Experience
45 min
South America
Upto 10 people
English, French, Spanish
  • Real-time experience streamed live from Ushuaia 
  • Witness the Beagle Channel and explore the Patagonian-style houses and other historical sites
  • See the beached Saint Christopher tugboat and learn its history

Join me on this live-streamed, interactive Online Experience to explore Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, which has also been nicknamed 'End of the World' and is considered by many as the gate to Antarctica. In the native language we speak here, the name Ushuaia means "the bay to the west of the sunset." 

On this virtual tour, I will take you to the historical places where the first settlers started the city. Here, you will find some of the typical Patagonian-style old houses. The scenic views of the Beagle Channel will accompany us through this journey; we might even learn a few things about its intriguing past. 

Moving towards the coast, we will approach the Saint Christopher tugboat that is now beached on the shore of Ushuaia. It came to rescue the Monte Cervantes, a German ship at the bottom of the sea today. We will conclude this experience at the Old Prison, which now operates as a museum. This building is reputed to have once hosted the most dangerous Argentinian prisoners, one of the many facts and stories I will elaborate on during this tour. 

About this experience
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Meet your Host
Maria Florencia Salamanca

I am a national tour guide in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world since more than 16 years. I was born in Buenos Aires, and when I graduated as a national tour guide, I found my first job in Ushuaia 3000 km away from home!

Tourism is my passion; I love travelling, learning from other cultures, meeting people from different countries and most of all, I really love speaking foreign languages. I am studying my 5th language now a days! I am passionate about nature and history, and am lucky to be in a place like this where nature is all around!

From USD 50 / Group
Important Information
  • Fully refundable in case of any cancellation upto 2 days before the tour.