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Explore Qingyan Old Town in Guizhou

It is a small town with old stone architectures, memorial gates, temples and churches, city walls , etc. When we walk on the old back street and visit the old houses in the town, you can feel and experience the old local culture. What's more, there are many special local foods offering in this town, such as simmered pig feet, rose candy, spicy chicken and so on. Many local people always come here to taste these delicious local foods every weekend.

From Guizhou
Online Experience
1 Hour
Greater China
Upto 10 people
  • Real-time experience streamed live from Qingyan Old Town in Guizhou 
  • Walk along the stone lined streets to see temples and unique local fare
  • Visit the Memorial archway of Zhou Yixiong and Yingxiang Temple

Walk-in the maze like cobbled streets of Qingyan ancient town to appreciate its majestic old town with streets, walls and stores all made out of stone. We will begin this live-streamed online experience beside a beautiful pond that dates back to the 14th century and is well regarded by the locals. As we approach the Southern Gate I will show you ancient homes and an artificial pond. 

Upon entering inside, you will be first seeing the memorial archway of Zhou Yixiong. We will walk by various shops and restaurants selling quirky delicacies, artsy souvenirs and handicrafts. You will be delighted to see worship places of different religions not far from each other. 

Our next halt will be at the Yingxiang Buddhist temple where I will show you the wishing pot, red-ribbon pot, statue of Laughing Buddha and the hall designated to the founder of Buddhism in China. Circuiting through the narrow stone streets, we will reach the Performance Stage which used to be a temple. Here learn about the military story from the 'Three Kingdom Period' through intricate wood carvings on the balcony. This is not the only story on this tour; our experience will be highly interactive, and I will discuss about the cultural practises of various minorities along with interesting facts, legends and trivia relating to this ancient town.  

About this experience
  • Please have a good internet connection and Zoom app installed on your phone or laptop
  • The instructions to join the meeting will be sent via email shortly after the booking
Know before you go
  • This tour involves travelling to various places, at times the internet connection may be weak. However, we will attempt to minimize such disruptions
  • You can book this tour for 160 CNY per screen or as a private tour for 850 CNY and invite up to 10 friends and family to join this activity with you from all over the world. You will see the option to book this experience as a private tour on the checkout page if it is available for that time slot
  • Since these are live tours, they may be subject to last minute cancellation due to inclement weather, Internet disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.
Meet your Host
Ivan Chen

I am from a small village of Guizhou Province of China. I have been working as an English speaking tour guide for 13 years in Guizhou Province of China. Although I am not a part of the ethnic minority, I do take interest in varied ethnic minority culture such as their costumes, architecture, festivals, etc. From my experience in tourism, I have built great connections with local authorities and local minority villagers, so I will be able to offer you the authentic and interesting life in Guizhou. Guizhou is a colourful land of natural scenery (waterfalls, caverns, valleys, lakes, forest) and ethnic minority culture (the Miao, the Dong ,the Buyi, the Shui). I will try my best to introduce my hometown to the world!

From USD 25 / Screen
Important Information
  • Fully refundable in case of any cancellation upto 2 days before the tour.