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Explore Hagia Sophia Mosque and Hippodrome

Hagia Sophia Mosque : It was built as a Cathedral by Romans in 537 AD, but after 1 453 it was converted to a mosque by Ottomans. It is one of the most visited site in Turkey. (Because of being a mosque everyone must wear longer pants and skirts

3 Reviews
From Istanbul
Online Experience
1 Hour
Upto 15 people
  • Real-time experience live-streamed from Istanbul
  • Visit Hagia Sophia Mosque and Hippodrome
  • Interactive tour replete with legends, stories and historical insights

Join this online experience to be amazed by the architecture of the Hagia Sophia Mosque and immerse in legends associated with it. This massive monument built in the year 537 was the largest cathedral when the Romans ruled. In 1453 the city of Istanbul was conquered by the Ottomans, who renovated Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The iconic structure served as a museum since the mid-1930s and was converted back into a mosque in July 2020. 

I will show you interesting aspects such as how to determine the direction of Mecca from Turkey, and the medallions which feature the names of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, the first four Caliphs, and the Prophet’s two grandsons. Of course, I will tilt my camera up to show you the world-famous dome, and the pillar where visitors insert their thumb to feel the tears of Mother Mary as I narrate the legend behind it. If you are lucky, you can spot 'Betty' the cat or someone from her family, who have made the mosque their home since the last 12 years. 

We will finish this experience with a stroll around the Hippodrome and en-route see the 'Milion Stone', the Byzantine zero mile marker that was even used later by the Romans.

About this experience
  • Please have a good internet connection and zoom app installed on your phone or laptop
  • The instructions to join the meeting will be delivered via email shortly after the booking
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  • Since this tour involves travelling to various places in the city, at times the internet connection may be weak. However, we will attempt to minimize such disruptions
  • You can book this tour for 33 USD per screen or as a private tour for 78 USD and invite up to 10 friends and family to join this activity with you from all over the world. You will see the option to book this experience as a private tour on the checkout page if it is available for that time slot
  • Since these are live tours, they may be subject to last minute cancellation due to inclement weather, Internet disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.
Meet your Host
Ugur Kilerci

I am an official tour guide in Turkey. I have been in the tourism sector for the last 18 years. To be a licensed tour guide in Istanbul one must have a thorough grasp of history, religion, languages, and styles of architecture. I have built my knowledge on each of these subjects by enrolling for classes. I have lead people from around the world to places all across Turkey. I have met over 10,000 people so far as a professional and showing and sharing insights about the Hagia Sophia is my absolute favourite!

Tour Reviews
  • Tracey Pandya

    We did the Hagia Sofia Mosque and Hippodrome tour with Ugur and really enjoyed it.
    Ugur was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable and he paced the tour very well. We were able to communicate easily with him and learnt a lot.

  • Mayank Kaul

    A very informative and passionate tour of Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque. Even though Blue Mosque is under renovation, the guide provides a lot of historical background to make the tour interesting. I have visited Istanbul before so it was really nice to relive my visit!

  • ICHI Yabut

    Hue was a good guide. I like his enthusiasm. He was always encouraging us to ask questions. He was flexible when we asked him to stop and focus on certain areas.

From USD 33 / Screen
Important Information
  • Fully refundable in case of any cancellation upto 2 days before the tour.