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Cook Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe with an Italian Chef

Join this live-streamed cooking session with a chef from Milan and learn to cook a traditional Italian pasta dish. Get step-by-step guidance to cook the dish, from kneading the dough to shaping the pasta.

From Milan
Online Experience
1 Hour 45 Minutes
Food And Drinks
Upto 10 people
  • Prepare Fettuccine Cacio e Pepe, a scrumptious traditional Italian pasta dish with an expert chef
  • A live-streamed cooking session with step-by-step guidance to get it right!

Have you dreamt of learning how to make the most traditional pasta dish from Italy? This is what we will do together!

I will immerse you in an Italian family-like atmosphere, and guide you step-by-step to make one of the most incredible recipes. We will start by getting to know each other, just like sitting at the same table. Then get our hands to work on kneading the dough. While the dough is resting, we will prepare the sauce and then return to shape our pasta. I will share tips and secrets, stories, and facts and you will end up with an amazing dish! 

After that? Buon Appetito!

About this experience
What's excluded
  • Ingredients
  • Please have a good internet connection and zoom app installed on your phone or laptop.
  • The instructions to join the meeting will be sent via email shortly after the booking.
Know before you go

Please arrange the following ingredients and equipment before the beginning of the session:

  • 180 grams of all-purpose flour (1 American cup)
  • 2 big eggs
  • Pecorino cheese (200 grams)
  • Black pepper
  • Rolling pin or something similar
  • You can book this tour either for EUR 25 per screen OR as a private session for EUR 150 for up to 10 screens joining this activity with you from all over the world. You will see the option to book this experience as a private tour on the checkout page if it is available for that time slot.
  • Since these are live tours, they may be subject to last minute cancellation due to inclement weather, Internet disruptions or other unforeseen circumstances.
Meet your Host

I am a pasta maestro who learned to cook pasta at the most important and prestigious, Italian school - my mom's kitchen. I’ve been teaching thousands of people here in Italy and now I’m reaching out to people in their homes from all over the world! More than from schools, I’ve learned everything I know from grandmas all over Italy - collecting the art of making pasta along with different stories and traditions.

From USD 27 / Screen
Important Information
  • Fully refundable in case of any cancellation upto 2 days before the tour.