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The legendary capital in the Himalaya, much-fought-over Srinigar clutches Dal Lake in a medley of rickshaws and regal boathouses. Get a tourHQ guide to unravel its tumultuous history.

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Commonly known as “Paradise on Earth,” Srinagar, India is reveled at for its’ breathtaking Dal Lake and equally mesmerizing mountainous surroundings. As tourism continues to grow, the city’s attractions and amenities boom alongside; but the real draw to Srinagar lies in its’ natural appeal. The first stop for many visitors is a relaxing boat ride along the lake in a shikara, India’s version of the gondola. Next comes a trip to the Mogul Gardens; with a backdrop of Dal Lake, Nishat Mogul Gardens is a peaceful portion of greenery and the park’s fountain sees visitors skipping through and cooling off during India’s hot summers. Conversely, Srinagar’s bitter cold season attracts winter sport athletes and involves imbibing large portions of Kahwah, the local green tea. In between, a plentiful supply of mosques, shrines, rich Kashmiri cuisine and bazaars famous for their cashmere shawls and silk carpets keep any traveler occupied.
Political unrest in the last decade has seen local protests and though tourists are not usually targeted, your local Srinagar tour guide can inform you of the city’s present state and steer you to the most visitor-friendly locales

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