We were so lucky to stumble upon Green Leaf while googling! The guesthouse is cozy and bright, made with backpackers and tourists in mind. The rooms have external windows, and come with delightfully thick blankets in winter, are spotless and well laid out. The staff are wonderful and will bring you excellent hot water buckets for showers for the simpler rooms, and cut up fruit for you if you bring it to them! 

The families who live downstairs are lovely. 

There are lots of thoughtful touches such as a collection of writing on Bangladesh in English that you are welcome to borrow. 

The owner of the business, Tapas Dash, is incredibly helpful and passionate about Bangladesh and helping you get the most out of your stay, and his care for the environment lives up to his “eco” label. He organises both local tours in Steemangal and tours in many places in the country, and from our experience we highly recommend them. Our local tour was tailored to our interests, our guide was superb with fantastic knowledge of the environment, local history, people and culture. We learned so much about the local area and met so many people we would not have without Tapas’ help.