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About Sreemangal

Bangladesh’s answer to Assam and Darjeeling across the border, Sreemangal is home to sweeping valleys of tea plantations that colour in countless shades of green under the Asian sun. Found in the extreme east of the country on the edge of the Tripura ranges, swathes of pineapple plantations and lemon orchards encompass it on all sides, along with the tea of course. Travellers head in to taste some of the freshest and finest teas on the planet, at the likes of the Sreemangal Tea Factory and the Tea Research Institute where they can even rub shoulders with tea pickers for an initiation into the tea experience. Sreemangal tour guides also offer visitors the chance to explore the attractions in the vicinity; the Hakaluki Haor wetland where countless migratory birds stop-off as the seasons pass, the 61-meter high Madhabkunda Waterfall, the Monipuri and Kashia tribal villages. For nature lovers, the Lawachara National Park next-door, and the Rema-Kalenga and Shatchari Forests beckon with wildlife aplenty. Here, trekking trails wind their way through primeval woods trodden by gibbons, langurs and pygmy woodpeckers alike!

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