Sri Lanka is full of magic, said Praveen at the beginning of our tour. I will show you...

From tropical fruits in a fishing lagoon to the colours of the moonstone plains in the morning mist. From the elephants on our first safari to a rare sighting of a leopard that crossed our path like a cat crossing the road, wild deer and the little bee-eater bird at Yala to the sunset and traditional cookery and a boat trip complete with woven flower necklace and leaf hat, to an electrifying thunderstorm and the sight of our first firefly in one of the classy hotels Praveen booked for us,  our tour was indeed a magical journey.

Praveen is an excellent driver and a knowledgable and experienced guide. He is always on time and flexible to your needs and requests such as our requests for Yoga and Ayurvedic massage. Praveen is a calm and unobtrusive presence who gives helpful advice.

As a Mum and daughter visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, Praveen revealed to us much magic Sri Lanka has to offer.