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About me

I have been a professional photographer & world traveler for over 30 yrs. I have assisted hundreds of creatives via web based and hands-on workshops; in formal classrooms; and private photo safari settings. Now, it's time to do it with you as a walking or driving photo safari Tour Guide, as I love to share my region of the state of California with others! You won't find a better photo guide out there! I also operate Goodbrain Artisan Excursions - where I offer photography & digital art based travel tours, globally. "Italy 2017" is offered now at my website. (Rome / Sonnino / Naples is the region for this trip...Cuba is our destination for 2018!) I am an ITMI certified Tour Director / Guide. I am very excited to share my passion with you!! "Let me help you add stamps to your passport while we share the love of creating awesome digital art around the world together!" (NOTE: the video shows a sample of one of my portrait products the Goodbrain Storybook Excursion...)

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Santa Cruz

3 Hours

Meet me at a local, mutually agreed upon, location and we will walk along one of the most scenic routes in ...

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Santa Cruz...walk it or drive

Santa Cruz...walk it or drive's WORTH THE DAY TRIP!

This is a simple "what's it all about" for Santa Cruz, CA. The details have come from the Wiki page about SC, but I have personally been all through the areas ...

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  • Can locate whatever is desired. Motorcycles tours included, van, coach, etc

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March 2018
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