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Oaxaca de Juarez

Replete with conquistador churches and Spanish plazas, Oaxaca de Juarez fuses colonialism and Mexican charm on the ridges of the Sierra Madre. Get a tourHQ guide to show you around.

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Oaxaca de Juarez Tours


Oaxaca de Juarez

Originally conceived as a militaristic stronghold of the Zapotecs, designed to protect the mountain trade routes from modern day Mexico through to Latin America, the central city of Oaxaca de Juarez fast became one of the bastions of Spanish control when the conquistadores recognised the strategic wealth of the Sierra Madre. Today, Oaxaca is a city that combines these two distinct epochs of the Mexican past perfectly, offering an intermingling of ancient ruins and colonial architecture, not to mention a curiously distinct artistic culture that’s stayed proudly true to its native origins.
Since achieving UNESCO status along with the nearby site of Monte Alban (which is definitely worth the visit!), more and more visitors have arrived here to enjoy the sleepy town centre, various museums and intriguing array of Spanish-style churches. Of these, many an Oaxaca de Juarez tour guide would recommend the Templo de Santo Domingo or Palacio de Gobierno, both of which are easily accessible from the sleepy town square of Zocalo, where it’s possible to sample the meat-heavy regional dishes of Oaxaca, from the tasajo beef enchilada, to the sweet chocolate beverages favoured by the locals.

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