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TourHQ guides in the sparkling city of Cancun can offer everything from heady nights spent partying on the Caribbean to ancient Mayan temples and fascinating Spanish colonialism.

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Thoughts of a beach holiday typically conjure up visions of white sand beaches and deep blue seas. Such dreams do come true at Cancun, a paradisiacal Mexican city charmingly anchored by the Caribbean Sea.

Recognised by the World Tourism Organization as an advanced tourism platform, Cancun has everything a tourist looking for a fun n beach holiday can wish for: an enigmatic and beautiful island across a narrow portion of the incredible Caribbean sea, the most luxurious hotels with their own private beaches, a port brimming with pubs and restaurants serving fresh sea food and live music, adventure tourism activities (read snorkeling and scuba diving in the reefs among many others), aquariums, modern water amusement parks and even an Underwater museum off the coast of Isla de Mujeres

For those looking for an initiation into the local culture, the Mayan Legacy just next door is waiting to be explored. Ask your Cancun Tour guide to lead the way to the historic sites of Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba city built by the Mayan civilization. This historical area gives those who visit, a great appreciation for the ingenious building practices of the Mayan civilization.

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