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Walk In The Hidden Alleys Of Venice Over A 2-Hour Private Walking Tour



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    Private Tour

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    Culture, Sightseeing, Walking

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    2 Hours

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Experience an interactive walking tour of Venice's Saint Mark's Square, including sights such as the Bridge of Sighs, Doge's Palace, and Saint Mark's Basilica. Explore hidden corners of the city and discover the history of famous crafts like Murano glass and specific masks. Take in views of the Grand Canal and end the tour atop the majestic Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge across the canal.

  • Witness stunning wonders of architecture such as the Doge's Palace
  • Pay your respects at the impressive Saint Mark's Basilica
  • Gain insights into Venetian culture, from masks and Muranos to gondolas and gargoyles
  • Walk In The Hidden Alleys Of Venice expand_more
    • Take this private walking tour and venture into the heart of Venice - Saint Mark's Square. Here, visitors can behold the sights of the famous Bridge of Sighs, the Doge's Palace, the Clock Tower and Saint Mark's Basilica decorated in mosaics. 
    • The tour continues to explore some hidden corners of the unique city as visitors walk along the narrow alleys off the beaten tracks.
    • The guide will share information about everything there is to Venice and the famous crafts of the city, focusing on specific masks and the history of the world-famous Murano glass. Visitors can take in the views of the Grand Canal and end the tour on the top of the majestic Rialto Bridge, the oldest one across the Grand Canal.
What's Included
  • English-speaking tour guide
What's Excluded
  • Gratuities
  • Entrance Fees, if any
Cancellation Policy

For cancellations upto 2 days before the tour -

Refund of 80% of the tour price.
Tour Reviews
  • S


    Great Experience with Lucia

    We saw the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark's Square, and the Grand Canal from a unique perspective. Lucia's knowledge of the city's history and architecture was impressive. Learning about the he history of the world-famous Murano glass was the highlight of our trip to Venice. Rating: 5/5 stars.

  • E


    A Dreamy Walk through Venice

    Lucia's walking tour of Venice was a dream come true for me. She took me through the iconic landmarks of the city and shared interesting stories about each one. We walked through the narrow streets and alleys, and I got to see the magnificent architecture of Venice up close. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who loves history and culture.

  • S


    A Romantic Walking Tour of Venice

    I went to this walking tour with my partner. We explored the hidden corners of the city, and the charming atmosphere of Venice added to the romance. We visited the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square, and I got to see the magnificent architecture of Venice up close. Lucia's knowledge of the city's history and culture made the experience even more special. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to experience the romance of Venice.

  • R


    Serene beauty

    The walking tour was an absolute delight for us. We found ourselves enchanted by the serene alleyways, each one revealing hidden treasures of beautiful architecture. It was a journey filled with wonder and discovery. We'll certainly be urging our loved ones to experience this magical tour when they visit Venice

  • S


    Venetian Delights at it's best

    Lucia's walking tour offered us a flawless opportunity to uncover the charms of Venice. She led us through the enchanting maze of narrow alleys and bustling street markets, revealing hidden treasures along the way. From the majestic St. Mark's Basilica to the poignant Bridge of Sighs, Lucia painted each landmark with captivating stories that touched our hearts. Her infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for the city transformed the tour into an unforgettable experience filled with joy and wonder.

  • C


    A Perfect Introduction to St. Mark's to Rialto

    We opted for this tour right after touching down in Venice. The meeting spot was conveniently located and the guide shared plenty of insights. It served as a great primer to the area bridging St. Mark's and Rialto.

  • A


    A Local's Insightful Walking Tour

    During our three-day Venice adventure, the walking tour led by a local Venetian was undoubtedly a standout experience. Her deep knowledge and genuine passion for the city enriched our exploration, revealing hidden corners we might have overlooked otherwise. Learning about daily life in Venice, sans cars and navigating through high tides and floods, added a fascinating layer to our journey, leaving a lasting impression.

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