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Between its stone archways and medieval bulwarks Verona boasts some of Italy’s most romantic spots. Discover Juliet’s balcony and a gorgeous Duomo with your tourHQ guide to the city.

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“Fair Verona”, sings the chorus enacting Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, as they introduce the winding medieval facades, carved stone apses and soaring 12th-century battlements of this city’s enchanting central district as the backdrop of Europe’s most enduring story. Today the epithet lingers; Fair Verona, with its Roman amphitheatres, its unmistakable Renaissance clock towers, its formidable Scaligeri castles, and also the unspoken touristic gem of northern Italy. Sitting roughly midway between Venice and Milan, it’s perhaps surprising how often Verona is missed on the typical route through Italy. It’s no less pretty than its nearby counterparts and boasts the ubiquitous central Duomo, while the pubs and old world charm at its Piazza delle Erbe makes it equally popular with locals and visitors alike. Travelling couples will not want to miss the 19th century addition of the iconic balcony of Juliet on the Via Cappello. Those looking for something a little more offbeat should refer to their Verona tourist guide for directions to the nearby Santa Modona di Lourdes, or tips on the best places to sample the city’s famous pastissada de caval (seared horse steak in sauce).

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