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Malt whiskeys and frothy Guinness await in the folksy pubs of Dublin, while tourHQ’s local guides can reveal a city of Georgian treasures, Gothic churches and Irish gardens.

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Ireland’s capital city is as rich in historic charm as it is in spirits, both alcohol and otherwise. Known for their strong drinks, Dubliners do not disappoint when it comes to an exciting nightlife and well-aged whiskey. The Guinness Storehouse is more of an attraction than a brewery, providing everything you could dream to know about this Irish beer and giving thirsty visitors a complimentary pint. But as any Dublin tour guide who generously accompanies a visitor on a pub crawl will point out, don’t be fooled by the Irish rumors; Dublin offers a lot more than just alcohol. Town squares filled with greenery and olden castles grace the city’s streets, while museums and attractions ranging from art galleries to zoo animals make for an unforgettable visit.
Despite its’ plentiful cultural contributions and picturesque landscaping, the true spirit of Dublin lies in its’ people. Welcoming you with conversation as clever as if they’d known you for years, but sweet as though they just met you- this is the recipe of a true Dubliner.

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