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katy Review submited by Katy

Would not travel Egypt without him!

Reviewed July 25, 2020

Going to Egypt was a lifelong dream, fulfilled in February 2020. Medhat ("Daddy" to his groups of tourists whom he treats as family) made the trip so much more than just a "tour" -- it was an introduction and immersion into both ancient and modern Egypt. As a degreed Egyptologist, he brings to life stories painted and carved in stone that would otherwise be lost in the awe-inspiring beauty of each temple, each tomb. There is no question he can't answer, and he goes out of his way to provide whatever additional services you might want (including, in my case, a private side-tour in Aswan with the region's most renowned bird guide; and a special day in Cairo with another guide he knew personally). He's as funny as he is knowledgable and imparts to his "family" his deep love of the history and culture of his amazing country. I cannot wait to return!

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iva Review submited by Iva

Review of the trip to Egypt

Reviewed July 23, 2020

My trip to Egypt in February 2020 was a great Experience, not only because of the overwhelming ancient egiptian culture, but also of the way  Medhat guided. His way of explaining was really interesting and unique. Highly recomendable  for anyone deciding to take an Egypt tour!


Travelled in as a large group

jade Review submited by Jade

Medhat is the best!

Reviewed July 22, 2020

My family and I rely on Medhat for all our visits to Egypt. He's been an incredible guide, not just trustworthy and knowledgeable but also fun! By far the best guide I have ever met, and I travel a lot. I recommend him to anyone visiting Egypt. He will help you with every detail and make sure you have the best vacation of your life.  From my first time in Egypt until the latest trip (February 2020), Medhat was absolutely perfect, every time. 

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pboneff Review submited by Pboneff

amazing tour guide

Reviewed July 22, 2020

Medhat, or just Daddy, is one of the best tour guides I ever meet in my world trips. I'm a frequent traveler and visit many places, but never found someone like Medhat! He knows everuthing about egyptian culture, religion, history, places, food, cities... everything! He planned and conducted a special trip for my family, he treated us like his family (reason for the nickname Daddy). He choose the best places in Egypt, we had great experiences, with lots of fun, information and care. If you are looking for the best tour guide in the country, this is the guy!!

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bruna Review submited by Bruna

The best guide ever

Reviewed July 21, 2020

The trip to Egypt would not have been the same without our guide Medhat. Daddy, as we affectionately call him, showed us the best of Egypt, gave us clear and well-grounded explanations. It was a fantastic trip!

Travelled in as a family