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三年前到埃及来通过国内朋友介绍了爱德先生作为地陪导游,发现是一位中文说的非常流利的埃及人,中文说的比中国人自己还标准。又发现爱德不仅是导游也是埃及考古专家,对埃及7000年的历史,埃及文化,现代经济,政治情况非常了解。。。。其实到一个国家旅行最重要还是当地导游。因为艾哈迈德。爱德我们自己旅行完美了recommend ahmed for any trip in Egypt, excellent 谢谢你 More more right

Review for Ahmed爱德 Eid

About Egypt

One of the world’s greatest civilisations left behind a legacy so mysterious and exotic, that even in the present day, Egypt figures in the top ranks of many a travellers’ to do list. The Pyramids, the Sphinx, an exotic belly dance, mummies and spices; words that are deemed synonymous with the land also act as clues to what to do when you get there. Your Egypt Tour Guide will first head with you to The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx; don’t miss an evening of the Pyramid sound and light show! A cruise on the Nile offers beautiful sunsets and arresting views, but if you’d like to go local, take a Felucca ride. These un-motorised sailboats have been used since ancient times by the Egyptians to navigate the Nile. Visit the Valley of the Kings in Luxor where you can view tombs of former Kings of Egypt, look up at the massive rock temples of Abu Simbel, dive to explore the coral reefs at Sharm el Sheikh, and if you’re up for adventure, jump into the crowds of Khan El Khalili in Cairo for some hardnosed bargaining.  Egypt offers overwhelming choices of temples and museums in memory of its rich history; choose what you will keeping in mind an essential visit to the Egyptian Museum; a one stop comprehensive peek into the ancient marvels of Egypt. 

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