Migen showed up early on our first day. He was lively engaging and had excellent command of English. He showed us several sites and places  not originally on our itinerary which was nice. Migen had a really good contact in Apolonia that gave an excellent talk on this hhistoriuc site. He knows a tremendous byrek place in Lushnje and a local fish restaurant that was better than any of the places I saw in Vlore or Saranda. Ask him about the radio station. He let us go when we did not need anything and was there for us when we did. Migen was able to straighten out an accomodation issue we had in Gjiorcaster. If you are from Texas you are in for a big treat as I have never meet anyone who loves it so much. Migen spent a month in Texas and has some really good stories to entertain on the rides between places. Migen driving was just fine no issues in a place where driving can be a bit of a challenge. I would not to hesitate to use Migen again.

It was real privlege to get to meet his famiy.