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About Tirana

From humble beginnings in 1614 as the site of a bakery, a hamam (Turkish bath), a mosque and little else, Tirana, Albania, has grown into a flourishing capital city.

Gradually coming out of its many years of slumber, Tirana is transforming but taking care not to forget its important history. Home to a staggering 56 cultural monuments, including the Et’ Hem Bay Mosque which dates back to the 1780s, the city is home to Albania’s National Archeological, Science and History museum. On the outskirts of the city, you can experience the natural beauty of Tirana from up to 1230km above sea level in a Dajti Express cable car. Take advantage of a Tirana tour guide and spend a day trawling the boutique shops of this unique city before choosing from the many bistros serving up the city’s fine cuisine which includes the Albanian delicacy of Paçe, a stew made from Sheep’s head. 

Increasingly popular with many a visitor looking for a peaceful and historically rich getaway, get a flavour of Tirana’s vibrant hues at the nightlife hotspots that reflect the local modern culture of this unique city.

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