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About Albania

Albania’s most interesting draw is its’ pure national essence and individual personality. With little influence of outside politics or culture, progressiveness meets antique authenticity in this Balkan country. Amidst trendy nightclubs and modern city lights, the charming beauty of Albania’s natural and historical backdrop creates an atmosphere unlike any other place. The Ionian coast boasts blissful beaches, and the cities of Vlore and Sarande are can’t-miss seaside getaways with Albanian flair; take a ferry to Italy or stroll the shoreline beneath the Balkan sunset. Meanwhile, the country’s Northern provinces keep its’ ruggedly native personality thriving, where ancient castle ruins sit among colossal mountains.
As any Albania tour guide will tell you, the local culture pulses through every region of this proud country and leaves visitors with a distinct taste of their spirit and flavor. Speaking of flavor, don’t end your trip without a thick Albanian stew, homemade bread, and local raki ‘cocktail’. A friendly and hospital people, Albanians eagerly share in meals and conversation with tourists who travel their land.

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