Thank you for a wonderful tour we had while we were in Kenya. We really enjoyed it, and I promised to recommend you to my friends. Am more satisfied to write you a review here. Your reputable accommodation, reasonable price and room to personalize each tour were widely appreciated. The only thing I would like to say is that our trip was that you being our guided was the greatest thing we had in Africa. Having tours which included guides in different places, your services were beyond our expectations. We had not met yet a guide very knowledgeable and accommodating like you. As an English guiding you were excellent in all ways. Your charm, humour, eyes and smile made us all to fall in love with you. You created a lively atmosphere and we all had a tour and guiding with lots of fun. Also in the evening with dining, entertainment, singing and dancing. You Charles, being local from the area and fluent in English, made our Kenya tour much better. We all, experienced you Charles, miss you and often talk of you when remembering Kenya and Africa. Thank you so much. To anyone in need for a tour guide: You will never regret using Charles Sonko, but you may regret not using him. Enjoy Kenya and East Africa Safaris with Charles and have fun!! Kind Regards, Graham