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About Nairobi

Once an unassuming frontier town founded on the route of the Uganda Railway line, Nairobi is now the thriving metropolitan heart of Kenya and East Africa as a whole.
While without any major ‘must see’ sights, and a ‘dangerous’ tag to it, Nairobi’s charm and boundless energy thrums through its bars, clubs, cultural spots, gastronomic establishments and intriguing local character. A truly hedonistic nightlife and burgeoning culinary scene mean there’s always somewhere to go for a bite to eat or a drink in the evening, while the myriad museums are amongst the nation’s most comprehensive and intriguing. Of these, the National Museum of Kenya offers a unique insight into the cultural history of this much-colonised corner of the African continent.
Nairobi is also one of the best-developed transport hubs of the whole region, and many visitors coming to Kenya on the ubiquitous safari holiday will fly either in or out of JKIA Jomo Kenyatta International. If you’re passing through and don’t want to leave without a glimpse of the iconic Kenyan wildlife, check out the Langata Giraffe Park or Nairobi National Reserve, both of which sit within easy reach from the City centre and can be found in most all Nairobi tour guide books.

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