We have met the guide Angelo and he was offering us a room to stay. When we met him he told us that he has no space this time to offer us for overnight. He told us that we are lucky and that he is a tour guide and if we want to do a jungle trip he would know where to go the best. We explained him what we would like to see and this was basically to see the animals of the selva. We also asked if the location he suggests for the trip would be the best place to see animals like dolphins, alligators, turtles, mo keys, sloth and birds, and he told us YES. He told us the river Yanuyaku (the place he recommended for the trip) would have the same variety of animals to see as the national park pakari samaria. We later in the tour found out that there were no animals at all. The place he brought us was a lodge and belonged to his uncle. The lodge is located and surrounded by many other lodges and villages so that no animals show up and if they show up people would kill and eat them. Furthermore he promised us a morning tour at 4 am to see the sunrise and the animals active in the morning but also this trip never happened. They told us the evening before that they will have no boat in the morning and that we have to skip this activity although we paid for it. Also we were promised to walk in the jungle during the day and night to spot animals, but this activity also never took place. We also asked while booking the trip that we want to visit a remote tribe  He insured us that we will do that. We did it but the tribe was not remote at all and were even dealing with a lot of other tourists to sell there artisanal stuff. The tribe was not welcoming at all and just wanted us to buy their stuff. Also we were promised an Engliah speaking guide but we only had his cousin as guide who only spoke Spanish, when he finally decided to speak during the day. We met other people who paid 480 Dollars per person for this trip. We paid 180 Dollars and were happy that we didn't pay more. We didn't get offered what we were promised because we were lied to from the  beginning. He offers free accommodation that he never really provides by the end.