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When i visited Iquitos my hotel advised about about Jinson. We had a two days long tour with him in a smaller boat. We were only a small team ... More more right

Review for Jinson Valpe Pena, Tour guide in Iquitos, Peru

Fueron unos días geniales por la Amazonia, con un muy buen trato por parte de Angelo y todo su equipo y donde pudimos vivir la selva y aprender ... More more right

Review for Lupuna Jungle Tours , Tour guide in Iquitos, Peru

Wolfers is excellent. He is knowledgable, the price is reasonable and he listens to feedback and is prepared to be flexible and tailor the tour to ... More more right

Review for Wolfers Cardenas Romero (amazon Experience), Tour guide in Iquitos, Peru

About Iquitos

No roads connect Iquitos to the outside world, leaving it ostensibly stranded in its place amidst the rolling wetlands of the Peruvian Amazon. But the locals don’t seem to mind, as they weave lazily through their web of jungle-shrouded homes to the buzz of mosquitoes – and neither do the tourists – with the isolation of this town affording some of the best wildlife viewing, cultural immersion and natural sightseeing in the country.

With its connection to the waterways that flow down from the Andes all around, it’s hardly surprising that most Iquitos tour guides recommend first-time visitors here kick-start their travels with a jaunt to Belen Market, where floating bamboo shacks showcase a colourful array of earthy local produce. Naturally, this is also the best spot to indulge the palate in a cornucopia of Amazonian foods, sampling the Columbian chilli dishes and local ice cream specialities alike. Afterwards, why not wander down the riverfront through the curious mix of opulent palaces, European mansions and adobe homes left over from Iquitos’ rubber boom, gazing at the intriguing Casa de Fierro and pretty churches along the way?

And once you’ve had your fill of metropolitan life, the Amazon awaits; boasting primeval forest at the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, the blooming riverbeds of Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo, tribal encounters with the Matse, wild jungle at Tapiche Ohara and plenty, plenty more.

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