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Excellent service.  If someone looking tourist service in La Paz.   Highly recommen contact Javier for a service. More more right

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Renato was Awesome.  Spent 3 full days with him (Manchu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Olly). He was extremely knowledgeable, passionate ... More more right

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Julie Australia April 2018.Armand was an excellent guide,I would highly recommend him. He is very knowledgable & caring More more right

Review for Armand Saavedra

About Peru

Peru is the kind of destination where travellers find themselves wondering why they didn’t come sooner. Though many visit Peru for the chance to climb Machu Picchu, those who only see the Inca citadel are gaining but a miniscule sliver of the nation’s best offerings. In fact, so much of Peru’s charm lies in its’ sharp contrast to itself, with a new discovery in every city and a new backdrop in every photographic stretch of scenery.
Pristine natural beaches, tropical rain forest, and snowcapped peaks and glaciers all find a home in Peru’s geography. Add to this remnants of ancient cultures epitomized by archaeological wonders, mysterious gigantic drawings carved into tough desert floors, the oldest known tribes living on a lake, and an exquisite cuisine that is fast gaining worldwide notoriety; that’s a tremendous offering of adventure for any traveller. Though the attractions are endless, it is not uncommon for visitors to be swallowed up in a festival or held back by a feast, only to complete a small flake of the activities previously planned with their Peru tour guide. Still, with affordable rates and welcoming locals, there’s no reason not to return for a second attempt.