Mani guided my wife and I on the Manasalu Circuit in October 2016.  Mani helped to make the trek a wonderful experience.  The trek involves a large elevation gain so you pass through a variety of ecosystems on the way to the high point of the trek at Larkya La Pass.  Mani made the hiking day so interesting because he was very knowledgable about the plants, crops, trees and animals to be seen as you make your way up through the Nepali countryside, as well as the lives of the villagers you meet along the way.  Also Mani has a great sense of humor and we shared many a laugh over a joke or observation along the way.  Mani was very helpful, encouraging and thoughtful throughout our trek; a lovely touch of his was presenting us with a plate of fresh fruit after every dinner, which was such a delight in the evening.  We found Mani to be flexible and adaptable as well; we had a route schedule but wanted to move a little quicker and Mani accommodated us in that regard.  In additional, Mani is a lovely human being, thoughtful and interesting, who liked to talk about life and family--we enjoyed his company very much.  We strongly recommend Mani as your guide for your Himalayan trek in Nepal.