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About Nepal

In a strip of land between China and India lies the exotic nation of Nepal. Its’ unique geographical location is perhaps the country’s most interesting draw, holding a piece of the Himalayas, tiger-trodden rainforest, and colorful markets of Kathmandu. Nepal has recently emerged as a go-to destination for backpackers and adventure-seeking travellers, with mountainous treks, monastery visits, and side-by-side rhino sightings drawing them in with every step.

In a country where Hindu mantras echo through mountain’s deep gorges, and daring bungee jumpers end their treks shopping Nepal’s handcrafted goods, the nation delivers equal treatments of culture and excitement. As any Nepal local guide knows, the worst stressor for visitors lies not in the traditional travelling concerns. The native’s welcoming nature is nationally prevalent, and finding groups to safely meander the country’s frontier with exist in every form imaginable. No, the worst fear of those touring Nepal is the sad reality they will inevitably miss much of its’ most intriguing attractions. There is simply not enough time to see, explore, and experience all of Nepal, making a return trip mandatory.

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