By the stroke of luck I go Mani as my guide. He is very simple down to earth young man. Has excellent knowledge of the mountains, the terrain, floara and fauna. He was not only my guide but freind and philosopher too. The 10 days we hiked in such companionable adherence from Naipal to ABC and back. He had also chosen a very appropriate porter Sudeep Maharaj. We three bonded well and had such a fun time dancing on the mountain to some beautiful Nepali tunes. I am bit rusitc on use of mobile he guided me in that too. Mani is very good cards player and I learnt some quite new card games. Boarding, loding, transport each and everything happened like clockwork. I was the most pampered trekker out there at Annapurna, Jai Mani Bagavath

- Ananda Vardhana