I think that the most important thing I would want to know if I were to read rather than write a review for Jahid is whether he delivers what he promises. My answer is that he absolutely does. Before you commit, he will send you an informal plan (possibly through facebook) where he suggests what you do while you are with him, and on which he is very flexible. I suggest that, particularly on trips to his home area, you follow his lead. He will likely take you, as he took us, to tea plantations, to a national park, and other beautiful and characteristic spots. Don't hesitate to hire him, you will see things that you never thought you would, going deeper into the everyday lives of people with a different culture from yours (assuming you're not from south east Asia). An experience definitely worth the price: on the train ride from Dhaka to Sreemangal alone you will understand a lot. Flexibility and open-mindedness are required, as always in the country. I am sure that Jahid  will let you have a very pleasant experience.